Sunday:  9:15 AM Coffee & Fellowship 9:30 AM Sun. School, 10:40 AM Worship

 6:00 PM Worship/Com. Grps;  Wednesday Night Supper and Programs 5:30 PM



Main Street’s mission focuses on three areas:


Delight in God’s glory is the purpose for which we were made, and worship is the expression of that delight. At Main Street Presbyterian Church we will spread a delight in God’s glory through reverent, God-centered, Trinitarian worship that is historic in form, carefully regulated by the Bible, with gospel preaching at its heart. Our worship is not driven by taste or tradition merely but by our conviction that God alone determines how He shall be worshipped.


Main Street Presbyterian Church will nurture that delight in God’s glory through systematic expository preaching and a comprehensive all-age Sunday School curriculum aimed at equipping God’s people for service and the development of a Biblical world and life view. On Wednesday evenings we will gather to fellowship, study God’s inerrant Word, and join in sustained, kingdom-centered, corporate prayer. Our elders will advance the growth of every member through careful, ongoing shepherding and pastoral care and the dillegent practice of church discipline.


Main Street Presbyterian Church will seek to spread a delight in God’s glory among all people–in Columbus, Mississippi, and the world–by the clear proclamation of Christ’s precious cross in regular evangelistic services and events. We will provide training opportunities for every member in evangelism. We will seek careful engagement in our community and opportunities for individual and corporate witness.